The Exchange Lab - Powered By Proteus


One solution for all your
programmatic marketing needs.

Using our proprietary technology Proteus, and multi-platform approach we help brands:

Multi-platform means:

All devices. All channels. All audiences.
All under one roof.
All powered by Proteus.

This is

A multi-platform approach provides the range of audiences, devices and touch points needed for your brand to make an impact.
Proteus allows you to tap into the unique strengths of each demand side platform (DSP).
The right mix of platforms gives your brand a global and local reach, providing you with access to the largest audience possible. Proteus drives the best possible ROI for your brand.
Let us show you why multi-platform works.

Our technology learns.

We gather data and insights about your brand, your customers and your creative to fuel future campaigns.

Human Powered, Data Driven

Algorithms may do the groundwork, but it takes an experienced human eye to draw powerful connections between data.

Human Touch

Our technology gathers the data, but it’s our team that turns the numbers into insights.

We work to optimize and refine your campaign with your business in mind.