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Our Story

It all started here.

It was 2002 and the world of programmatic marketing was emerging.

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Tim and James were navigating this new world and wondering how it could be done differently.  The programmatic world was a small pond then and in order to make a deal, interested bidders would contact the individual exchanges and a buy would be made.

But Tim and James weren’t interested in the pond. They wanted the ocean.

By scaling out the audience they needed, they saw the opportunity to revolutionize the industry. And from that conversation in London, the foundation for The Exchange Lab was born.

Their instincts were right and the company has quickly grown from a start-up to what is now an independent global programmatic media company with offices in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Singapore. The Exchange Lab serves over 700 clients across 50 markets worldwide and is partners with the largest demand side platforms (DSPs) in the industry including The Trade Desk, MediaMath, DoubleClick Bid Manager and AppNexus among others.

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And from that conversation in London in 2007, The Exchange Lab was born.

  • 8

    Offices across the world
  • 700

    Clients worldwide
  • 50


The Exchange Lab got big but we have never forgotten our humble beginnings.

Our team takes pride in getting to know each other and our clients so we are truly invested in their success. We cannot stress how important this is to us.


Our key innovation is our proprietary trading platform Proteus, a one for all solution that has changed the game of programmatic.

The Exchange Lab is still expanding and pushing the limits of what can be achieved. Powered by Proteus and our people, The Exchange Lab continues to deliver the most effective digital media campaigns in the world.

It’s amazing what can happen when a couple of friends get together. We should do the same.

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