The Exchange Lab - Powered By Proteus


Proteus is more than a cool name. It’s also the most intelligent programmatic technology in the world. It is the engine that drives us. And, here’s the thing; it keeps getting smarter.

How Proteus works:

Proteus plugs into the largest demand side platforms (DSPs) giving brands a complete view of the market. It looks at trading patterns to select the best options for each exchange, playing to the strengths of each DSP, which leads to better performance, reach, return on investment and brand exposure at a global level.

In short, Proteus changes how the programmatic market works by bringing all of the leading platforms under one roof and playing to each of their strengths. Our programmatic approach has resulted in a more effective marketplace that works for your advertising dollars. Our algorithm works around the clock to continually refine your campaign to ensure your media dollars drive results.

This revolutionary approach saves our clients valuable dollars and generates unparalleled results.

Proteus ensures you reach the right audience. One for All also means we put people first. Proteus enables personalized content to be delivered at scale across every platform though a single touch point.