Client Objective.

IHG partnered with The Exchange Lab for a more targeted marketing approach across Europe.


The game plan

The Exchange Lab employed analytics and insights from their 2015 campaign, including; an in-depth demand side platform (DSP) analysis and testing of several 3rd party data providers to ensure the most effective and customized programmatic solution was set in place.

Utilizing IHG’s chosen data management platform (DMP), The Exchange Lab segmented their 1st party data into ten audience groups in a way that maximized the core audience’s exposure to the right message through programmatic targeting. Additionally, 2nd and 3rd party data as well as private marketplaces (PMPs) were employed to identify key sites and publishers, and 3rd party travel data was overlaid on the open exchange for maximum reach. This resulted in highly relevant and scalable messaging, significantly reducing wasted media dollars.

Combining this data strategy with the strongest mix of DSPs, tactics and most the appropriate creative for each customer touchpoint, provided the greatest chance of capturing in-market customers and driving direct bookings.

The campaign was activated across devices through our unified programmatic platform Proteus, to maximize reach via five DSPs. The Exchange Lab applied dynamic creative optimization and high impact formats to retarget prospects who had searched for specific locations or viewed certain hotel details. This resulted in highly relevant brand messages being served to IHG’s customers at the right time in the conversion cycle.


The proof is in the pudding

Analysis and optimization is a continuous process at The Exchange Lab and is embedded in our DNA. Our ongoing partnership with IHG enables us to continue working closely on their digital objectives, with programmatic playing a key role. Running this extensive activity through Proteus, the Meta-DSP technology enabled smarter optimization decisions to deliver results:


Increase in the conversion rate among the target audience YOY


Increase in brand share of voice within a two week period

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Client Testimonial.

“We partnered with The Exchange Lab for their in-depth insights and great service. The trading and campaign management teams have been integral to forming our strategy, so much so that our programmatic partnership is becoming a core focus to replicate the same success we have seen over the past 10 months. The ad operations team give us a wealth of insights and intelligence, helping to build our internal programmatic team’s knowledge with their own expertise.”

- Fabrizio Di Martino, Manager, Mobile, Social & Programmatic Europe

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